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Following Truth in Art

     100% USDA Southern born and bred, Ben Dawson is the All-American sensitive badboy blue collar sweetheart who's raiding your snack cupboard while you read this.  When not searching for the perfect EVOO, he gets his hands dirty with power tools and photography.  You'll love his unending charisma and growling voice.  Or you'll hate it.  There's no in-between. 

Well-read and quite verbose-though you'd never guess-he brings passion to whatever endeavor the universe sets forth.  He is your best friend and the

voice of reason with a fearless spirit.  If you're not enthralled with his

Crest-worthy smile, his charm and gentility may sweep you away.  

Hailing from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting's conservatory program

in NYC, currently a company member of Theatre East, and founder of

The Indigo Project; Ben now resides in Knoxville, TN.



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